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Paradox is known throughout the sprawling metropolis of Aether for three things: her superspeed; her ability to see visions of the past, present and future and her less-than-charming personality.

When she has a vision that shows her a mysterious force taking over and corrupting her homeland, she decides to take matters into her own hands.

During the mission, she comes across someone who changes everything.

Now, Paradox must do whatever she can to put things back to normal.

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Short Stories:


Paradox is a Unitas. A member of a race that possess incredible physical gifts, latent magical ability and access to technology so advanced that it is essentially magic itself. But Paradox has a unique gift, one that no other Unitas has ever had, leading to her being ostracised by many. Due to this, Paradox has developed both a stern attitude as well as an inability to accept her own gift.

When trying to escape from the pressures of her curse one day, Paradox literally escapes; accidentally entering the world of her favourite book. How will this experience change her? If, indeed, it does at all.

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Tess Penrose finds herself at a crossroad. She is a talented warrior who works for the security department at her company. She is also being interviewed for a promotion at work, which would enable her to provide for her family with little difficulty. However, her daughter openly despises her for the role that she has in the world and this potential promotion has only made things worse.

Will Tess be able to balance her work life with her family life? And what sacrifices will Tess have to make to affect the strained relationship she has with her daughter?


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After a bizarre incident that involves a foul-mouthed bully ending up in hell, Lir finds out from his sister that their world is just one of an infinite number and that he has the ability to travel to different worlds. Lir chooses to travel to a world that is represented by his favourite painting; a world called Orbis. When he arrives on Orbis, he encounters the mysterious native,  Aura. This encounter starts a unique friendship that sets them both down a very different path in life.

Choosing a life where he tries to protect as many people as possible, Lir will find himself fighting against a horrific criminal, the prejudice he faces on a daily basis and, perhaps his most dangerous foe, the blood mage, Damas.


Untitled Anthology

This Anthology will contain a number of short stories, as well as some appendices, in order to further expand on the World of Orbis.

The stories will focus on characters present in other stories as well as original characters. It will also focus on various time periods throughout the history of Orbis.

The appendices will help to develop the lore of Orbis, containing further information about the magic, technology, entertainment etc. that exists there.